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Product Code: VBB02
Style: Chapel

Material: Soft White Tulle
Edging: Top Half: Rolled hem in Silver cotton
                 Bottom Half:White Floral Lace
Length: 1.90m

Blusher: No

Extra: The Satin band on the top of the hair slide
               is made of White Dutch Satin. 
               Each flower on the lace has a
               crystal diamante’ stud hot-fixed on to it.

Price: R1230.14
Crystal Hair Slide made on order and Sold Seperatly


The Vintage Dress was made

by our Granny Val

in 1976 for our

Mom Lorraine's Wedding

and now modeled by Kyla,

Val's Great-Granddaughter.

Now that is history!


Model: Kyla Smit

Photo's by: Rindi Swan


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