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Product Code: VBB06

Style: Round - It is cut on a circle with a

6.9m long Satin Edging


Material: Stiff Cream Tulle

Edging: 1cm broad Cream Dutch Satin Edge

Length: 75cm (Elbow Length)


Blusher: Yes

Edging: 1cm broad Cream Dutch Satin Edge

Length: 60cm


Extra: The hair slide is covered with a

cream Dutch Satin band.

Price: R1084.45



The Vintage Dress was made

by our Granny Val

in 1976 for our

Mom Lorraine's Wedding

and now modeled by Kyla,

Val's Great-Granddaughter.

Now that is history!


Model: Kyla Smit

Photo's by: Rindi Swan


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