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Vintage Pocket Pull-Out
This is one of our favorite basic invitations that can be changed to have a different feel depending on de decorations. From natural muted feel with the gold and creams and the Cream with a touch of pink, to a underwater theme and finally shades of candy floss.
This Invitation works well for those with basic wording, aswell as the couple that has a lot to say as you can ad more wording cards to the invitation.
Sage Green Garden
A Postcard Invitation made with a Serio Kraft Board back with the printing done in Clear Raised Print on Crystal White Stardream Board.
The Envelope is made from Serio Kraft Paper with a Crystal White Stardream Inlay printed in Flat Print.
The Envelope is held closed with a 25mm wide Sage Green Satin Ribbon with a Monogram Card on the back and an Address Card on the front of the Envelope.
DL Dusty Pink Triangle Gate.
This Elegant invitation is made out of Quarts Stardream Board with a Misty Rose Pink Board background.
The Printing was printed on quarts Stardream Board and the invitation was held closed with a 25mm Dusty Pink Satin Ribbon Bow.
After the invitations were made the couple realized they needed more info, so we came up with the plan to add a little envelope to the back of the invitation.
A5 2 Sided Petal Gate.
Made from Antique Gold Stardream Board that has been Press Embossed with one of our Ornate Patterns. The printing is done in Gold Raised Print on Opal Stardream Board.
The Invitation is closed with Jeweled Coloured Satin Ribbon (Plum Purple and Crimson Red) and a Faux Crystal Oval Bling Buckle.
14cm Square and A6 Card Invitations
Made from Opal Stardream Board with A Decorative Strip of Coral Stardream Board that has been Press Embossed with one of our Ornate Patterns. The Invitation is closed with a 10mm Peach Satin Ribbon and a Monogram Card.
Navy Blue Wallet Invitation
Made from Malmero Blu Board with a Decorative Frill Press Embossed on the front cover.
The wording is printed on Naturalis Absolute White Board.
The invitation is closed with a 10mm wide Gold Satin Ribbon Bow.
Burnt Scroll
A5 Invitation made from Lorenzo Paper and is tied in a scroll with a Feather and a 10mm Satin Ribbon Bow.
The Edge of the Invitation is Burnt to give it a old fashioned flare.
Please note there is a
"Lack of Oxygen" Fee charged to this invitation. It is compensation for the person that has to keep blowing out flames. (Danger Pay) lol :-)
Jungle Baby Postcard
A5 Invitation made from Crystal White Stardream Board with the printing done in a combination of Flat Print and Clear Raised Print.
The Card is edged with our Digital Blade Cutting Mashine.
Pinwheel Invitation
A pinwheel Invitation made from Crystal White Stardream Board. The front Circle with its peephole can turn around the card to the specific details you want to see.
It fits into our 15cm Square Envelope made from Stardream Punch Paper
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