bubbly_boo_creations001026.jpg bubbly_boo_creations001025.jpg bubbly_boo_creations001024.jpg bubbly_boo_creations001023.jpg bubbly_boo_creations001007.jpg bubbly_boo_creations002011.jpg bubbly_boo_creations003005.jpg bubbly_boo_creations003004.jpg bubbly_boo_creations004018.jpg bubbly_boo_creations005033.jpg bubbly_boo_creations008016.jpg bubbly_boo_creations009032.jpg bubbly_boo_creations009031.jpg bubbly_boo_creations008013.jpg bubbly_boo_creations009029.jpg bubbly_boo_creations011022.jpg
Both of these are our 14cm Square Cards Printed on Crystal White Stardream Board in Black Flat Print.
Just change the front decoration and your whole card changes. From Bows & Bling Studs to Ornate Bling Buckles in all shapes and sizes. We have learnt were to find these over the years but please note that we have to check for availability.
The Snow Princess
The outside of the invitation is printed in Silver Raised Print on Vista Blue Stardream Board. The invitation wording is printed on Crystal White Stardream in shades of blue with just a hint of grey shadows behind the showflakes.
Peony Garden
A Pocket Wallet made out of
Lagoon Green (Turquoise) Stardream Board with the invitation wording printed on Crystal White Stardream board. To get the White Writing effect we have to print the background colour.
Printers that print in white are very scarce and very expensive, so this is how we do it.
Calabash Pot Invitation
The pocket is printed on Serio Kraft Paper that has a beautiful golden shimmer.
Our Calabash Pot is printed over the entire pocket. Go for a strong traditional feel with a Guinea Fowl Feather and some beads or give it a bit of a modern flare by combining the traditional Calabash with the softer Moss Rose Motif.
Inside printing is done on the Naturalis Vanilla Board with the Calabash done as a watermark.
Shweshwe Invitation
This Traditionally Inspired Postcard Invitation
and Envelope is printed with a much beloved Shweshwe Design.
The Invitation is printed on Naturalis Absolute White Board and the Envelope is Malmero Blu with a Naturalis Absolute White paper Inlay.
The Bejeweled Peacock
Using a multitude of colours in one invitation is not allways a bad thing. To honor one of the most colourful creatures in nature, this invitation is printed in Gold Raised Print on the Brightest of our Stardream Range of paper and Boards.
The Invitation and Envelope is decorated with World Stone DMC machine Cut Stone Crystals with a high Index Refraction.
Plain Straight Forward......These Crystals Sparkle Beautifully!
Moss Rose on Olive Green
This Square Card is made of Strathmore Premium Olive with a Burgundy Red Flock Vine Paper along the bottom half of the card. A olive Green Satin Ribbon with a Faux Crystal Bling Buckle joins the two halves.
The Wording is printed on Naturalis Vanilla Board with the Moss Rose Motif
The Pyramid
The base of the pyramid is made out of Malmero Blu Board with the Decorative triangles printed in Gold Raised Print on a lighter Sapphire Blue Stardream Board.
The inside wording is Printed on Quarts Stardream Board with Gold Raised Print. The Pyramid is held closed with a 10mm wide Gold Satin Ribbon.
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