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Big Bow Bubble Frill Square Cut-out invitation.
Made From Silver Stardream Board with the wording printed on Opal Stardream Paper over 2 flaps.
The Invitation is held closed with a 25mm wide Pink Satin Ribbon tied in a Bow.
The Bow is finished of with a big Daisy Faux Crystal Bling Stud.
Mad Hatter
The Hats will be made from Stardream Board. The Hats are decorated with a fancy paper band around the body of the hat.
The Hat will be decorated with Bling Studs, Satin Ribbon, Feathers, Beaded Hat pins, Paper Roses and a bling Butterfly.
The invitation is printed on Crystal White stardream Paper, rolled up and placed inside the hat.
The bottom of the hat has a lid glued onto it to keep the invitation inside.
The guest names are printed onto a Crystal White Card and glued onto the side of the hat.
Mask Cut-Out Invitation
Printed in Silver Raise Print on Onyx Black
Stardream Board, the invitation is perfect for a Masked Gala event.
Frill Cut-Out Wallet Invitaiton
Cut out of Punch Purple Stardream Board with the Printing done on Silver Stardream Paper in shades of Purple and Grey.
The Invitation is held closed with a purple Satin Ribbon Bow.
Honey Bear A5 Postcard
Perfect for a Birthday or Baby Shower.
Printed on Opal Stardream Board In Pastel Shades. The Envelope is made out of Aquamarine Stardream Paper With the Address Printed on Opal.
Scallop Edge Wallet
Invitation made from Naturalis Vanilla Board.
The Autumn Tonned Blossoms are paired with a Forest Green
Satin Ribbon and Font Colour.
Classic Scroll With Wooden Ends.
The Classic Fairy Tale Wedding Notice that little girls dream of. The Scroll is printed on a paper gsm thickness and is tied with a Satin Ribbon to hold it closed.
Please note that the wooden scroll ends are pricey and even though it is one of our smaller invitations, the amount of work that goes into hand painting the wooden scroll ends does add to the price of this Invitation as well.
Lace Decorated Card Invitation
Made from Deep Black Board with the printing done in black on Crystal White Stardream Board. The front is Decorated with a strip of 50mm wide White lace with a 25mm wide Black Satin Ribbon band and a 10mm wide Dusty Pink Satin Ribbon Band with Faux Diamante and Pearl Bling Studs. The invitation is finished of with a 25mm Wide Dusty Pink Satin Ribbon Bow that is Glued onto the Ribbon Bands.
Bubble Frill Square Cut-out invitation.
Made From Onyx Stardream Board with the wording printed on Crystal White Stardream Paper over 2 flaps.
The Invitation is held closed with a 10mm wide Red Satin Ribbon with a Address Tag placed on the front of the card.
Gold Magnolia Gate Invitation
Made from Metallic Gold Embossed Paper with the a Antique Gold Stardream Backboard on the inside of the Invitation with the printing done in Gold on Opal Stardream Paper.
The Invitation is held Closed with a 25mm wide Gold Sating Ribbon Bow and a big Daisy Faux Crystal Bling Stud.
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