An Invitation is the first glimpse that your guest get of your special day to come.
We also know that every event is unique, just like our clients are all unique individuals, so we strive to create "that perfect look" in the perfect shape and size to suit that very special day.
Here are some examples of Invitations that we have done.
Please note that colour of paper may differ due to lighting, cameras and electronic screens.
bubbly_boo_creations001026.jpg bubbly_boo_creations001025.jpg bubbly_boo_creations001024.jpg bubbly_boo_creations001023.jpg bubbly_boo_creations001007.jpg bubbly_boo_creations002011.jpg bubbly_boo_creations003005.jpg bubbly_boo_creations003004.jpg
The Safari A5 Card
is cut from Bronze Stardream Board with the printing done in Brown and Turquoise on Opal Stardream paper over 2 flaps.
With a matching Lagoon Stardream C5 Envelope.
The Invitation can be cut with or without the Land Rover
Butterfly Scroll Invitation.
The Wings are made from Carrot Gold and Onyx Black Stardream Board.
The body is made from faux crystal beads and wire.
The Scroll is an A5 printed on
Carrot Gold Stardream Paper and tied to the wings with a 10mm wide satin ribbon.
The Pink Peony A5 Postcard set with C5 Burgundy Envelope.
The printing is done on Naturalis Absolute White Board over 3 cards.
The Peony Design is printed on the inlay of the Envelope on Naturalis Absolute White Paper.
The Envelope is made of Imitlin Bordeaux Paper.
The Pinwheel Foldover.
The Cards is made from Naturalis Vanilla Board and the 15 cm Square Envelope is made from Craft Paper.
The Front of the invitation is decorated with a strip of our Vintage design Fancy Paper, and is finished of with Cream Lace, Ribbon and a Diamante' Bling Buckle.
14cm Square postcard with a Geometric design and a 15cm Square Envelope.
The Backboard of the invitation is made from Craft Board with the printing done on Lorenzo Blue paper.
The Envelope is made from Lorenzo Blue paper and the Address tag and monogram is made the same as the postcard.
Pocket Pull-Out Invitation with Yellow Daisy Fancy Paper, Satin Ribbon and a Diamante' Bling Butterfly.
The Pocket and the Printing Page is made from Crystal White Stardream Board.
Gold Candystripe Box and Scroll Invitation.
The Box is made from Naturalis Absolute White Board and the Scroll is Naturalis Absolute White Paper.
The Invitation is designed with our Gold Cadystripe and Autumn Brown and Gold roses.
Bright Spring Pocket Pull-Out Invitation.
The Pocket and the cards are made from
Crystal White Stardream Board.
The Printing is done in Clear raised print on colored print.
The Pocket is Decorated with a Satin Ribbon and a Diamante' Bling Buckle.
Daisy Slanted A6 Pocket Pull-Out.
The Pocket is made out of Bronze Stardream Board.
The Front is decorated with a Daisy Press Embossed piece of Punch Stardream Paper, Purple Satin and Organza Ribbon and Glass Crystal Daisies.
The inside A6 Cards are printed on Opal Stardream Board and decorated with Faux Crystal Bling Studs.
2 Tone Damask Petal Invitation.
Made from Lorenzo Vellum Board with 2 of the petals covered with Brown Damask Flock Fancy Paper.
The Petal is closed with 15mm Wide Printed Cream Poly Satin Ribbon and a Diamante' Bling Buckle.
bubbly_boo_creations004006.jpg bubbly_boo_creations008016.jpg bubbly_boo_creations008015.jpg bubbly_boo_creations008014.jpg bubbly_boo_creations008013.jpg
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