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We have been busy creating invitations for the last 11 years.

Staffed by Marlaine, Monica and Lorraine, all the invitations and paperwork is produced by hand and when they are finished you will have exactly what you dreamed of.

Give us a call and we will set up an appointment were we can talk about your amazing upcoming day and what we can provide you with. We don't mind doing long distance orders, telephones, email and a lot of photos is all we need to be in touch. To get your things to you is also no problem, this is what courier services were made for.
We will need to know your colours, theme, quantities, style and most important your budget. This helps us get the right info and design to you the first time, saving you time in the long run.
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We are VERY excited to announce that we have officially launching our online shop.


We will be stocking an amazing array of special things such as...

*Phantasya Jewellery:
  Phantasya Collection uses
  SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and authentic gems from all over
  the world to make its jewellery pieces. Most of the objects
  are made from metal - a special jewellery alloy - or 925
  sterling silver. Both materials are bathed in rhodium or
  genuine gold to give them their sheen, which provides
  protection against discolouring and ensures a high level of
  cutaneous tolerance.

  The Swarovski crystals are bonded into the setting using a
  special bonding technique and epoxy resin. The resin sets
  the stones with great force, retaining its elasticity and
  providing the possibility of using practically any colour of

*Bubbly Boo Jewellery:
  Beautiful crystal beads and water
  pearls, created by Marlaine into delightful pieces.

*Earth Angle:
  Beautifully created household gifts, locally
  South African made, of putter and glass. They are delicate and artistic.

*Ribbon and Paper
  for the DIY brides: Stardream paper &
  board for printing, and the most amazing fancy paper for
  accents. We will also have Satin and organza ribbon in all sizes on either 10m or 20m rolls. Make your own invitation and feel the satisfaction of creating a heirloom.

**Our Invitations:
    some of our own previously designed Wedding
    Invitations, you can fill in the wording and details and
    we will courier them to you.

Are you looking for a company that will work to your budget, but will still give you something elegant and charming?
You have come to the end of your search.
Marlaine a Florist and Monica a Graphic Designer will pick your brains, listen to you, work with your favourite colours, and produce your dream. FYI- In all this time we have never made two invitation designs that look exactly the same.

Bubbly Boo is really, where all your dreams come true.