For the Couple that wants to make their own Invitations but want a Cut-Out Base,
here is our range of Base Cut-Outs.
Minimum Order of 20 Units
The Bases can be made in 4 different paper ranges.

1:Stardream Standard - A Range of Metallic (Sparkly) Colored Boards 280gsm
2: Stardream Exclusive - A Range of 4 Metallic (Sparkly) Colored Boards 280gsm
3: Malmero - A Range of Matt Colored Boards 300gsm
4:Naturalis - Available in Absolute White and Vanilla Cream Boards 250gsm
bubbly_boo_creations013040.jpg bubbly_boo_creations013039.jpg bubbly_boo_creations013038.jpg bubbly_boo_creations013037.jpg bubbly_boo_creations013036.jpg
Stardream Standard
Stardream - Exclusive
Stardream Envelopes can be made in C6, C5, DL and 15cm Square
Price for A5 Card, 14cm Square Card, A5 Pocket & 14cm Square Pocket
Invitation Base card (Prices include vat)
Stardream Standard = R56.63
Stardream Exclusive = R61.11
Mamero = R53.19
Naturalis = R38.87
Price A6 Pocket Wallet Invitations
Stardream Standard = R59.98
Stardream Exclusive = R70.30
Mamero = R56.12
Naturalis = R39.77

This Design is more that the other Cut out Bases due to the amount of paper needed to make it.
(It gets cut out of an A3 page.)
Lattice - 14cm Square Card
Celtic Knot - 14cm Square Card
Ornate Heart - 14cm Square Pocket
Tropical Leaf - 14cm Square Card
Bubble Gate - Square Card
Cherry Blossom - A5 Pocket
Cherry Blossom - A5 Card
Bubble Gate - A5 Card
Square Bubble Gate - Square Card
Love Tree - A5 Card
bubbly_boo_creations013011.jpg bubbly_boo_creations013010.jpg bubbly_boo_creations013009.jpg
Envelopes can also be made in C6, C5, DL and 15cm Square with Malmero
and Naturalis paper.
Delicious Monster Leaves - A5 Card
Savannah - A5 Card
Lowveld - A5 Card
Safari - A5 Card
Fairy Tale - A5 Card
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