Its the details that makes the Day...
Wedding and Event Accessories can tell a story all on their own.
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Laser Cut Cake Toppers
Made out of Mirrored Color Perspex
our cake toppers are custom made per order.
The amount of detail in the design determines the cost, so contact us today for a quote.
Available in Silver, Gold, Green, Red and Pink.

We can now also make the cake toppers out of 6mm thick wood.
Please note that the wood does burn black around the edges.
Bling Pens
A touch of bling to brighten your day.
Our pens have a metal casing with a
Crystal Stud on the end.
Available in a colored or a black coating.
Colored: R85.oo Each
Black: R80.00 Each
Ring Pillows
Our Ring Pillows are all custom made to match your wedding theme.
Made out of either white or cream Duchess Satin and Decorated with a variety of bling buckles, studs, ribbon, lace ect...
Our Ring Pillows are between R180.00 to R250.00 but prices do very depending on accessories
A Different Option for a Ring Pillow
if you are having a parent or Granny bring in your ring then there is the option a making a mini ribbon Bouquet for her to carry instead of a Pillow.
Hanging Decorations
We have done a few different custom Decorations for Events.
From Ribbon Rings To Pom-Poms and Heart Garlands.
Beaded Key Rings
Our Beaded Key Rings are hand made in the colors to match your wedding
Our Key Ring price start at R28.50 per unit and can increase depending on the beads used.
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