A little bit about us....
Our business has been evolving for a couple of years. We started late 2004, when we moved to Johannesburg, with the production of Corporate Soaps.

They were made by hand by my sister Monica. We used to print business logo's on a thin plastic that was inserted into the soaps. A very different corporate gift.

Then Monica got the opportunity to go and study Design & Animation in Perth, AUS. That meant the end to our soap business.
So I went off to work for a gift shop in Sandton. We use to have a wedding directory in the store. Clients use to bring a copy of their wedding invitation to put on the shelf with the desired items. I use to look at these invitations and think to myself, I can do this.
Working in the shop only lasted for 6 months. I realised I am not the person to carry on working for someone ells. So that was the end of it.
Not a week later, a couple came to church and our Pastor introduced me to them and said I can do their wedding stationery. I just looked at him. And then it started, my first wedding.

And after that, it is like they say, the rest is history...........
One wedding came after the other, then a couple of corporate events. And Bubbly Boo Glycerine Soaps was reborn in to Bubbly Boo Creations.

Monica was in Perth at this time studying hard, and helping me with graphics and lay outs across email. The days before WhatsApp... but we made it work.
So when she came home for a 6 month holiday with a Certificate in Design and a Diploma in Mass Communication, I was doing a Floristry course for my diploma in Commercial Floristry.
Our business was heading to something wonderful. Weddings seamed to find us, with the help of expo's and Google advertising.

Monica went back to Perth for another year and a half, were she completed her Advanced Diploma in Art and Design (Animation). Oh, and she got student of the year in her catagory for 2009 at Tafe collage in Perth.
At last she came home in December of 2009.

So from 2010, Monica and I have managed to put all the things together that we have learnt and create a business that has been able to provide brides and grooms with Stationery and Wedding Accessories that meet their wildest imaginations.
We have had lots of help along the way from wonderful family members, our uncle, our adopted brother and our mother, that always give support for everything we want to do. Thank you.

Monica and I breathe Bubbly Boo, and with it we want to provide you, our clients, with individuality which will make your invitations and goodies, treasures for generations to come. Whether it is for a corporate, wedding or any other event. Imagination really is our guideline, and if you can dream it we will do our utmost to create it, or to find it for you.

For those of you that want to create your own invitations. We have an extensive range of fancy and colour base paper, ribbon, diamante' buckles and paper roses. The products are all available for purchase, on order.

Distance is not a problem; Bubbly Boo Creations uses Postnet Courier for Domestic deliveries and DHL Express for the international deliveries for your orders.

Bubbly Boo aims to provide great customer service and prompt delivery. We hope to be of service to you in the near future...
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Monica & Marlaine
Monica working in the DARK...
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